An Israeli human rights report has revealed that the majority of Israelis are not convicted of attacks committed against Palestinians or Palestinian property, in the occupied territories.

Israel’s Yesh Din: Volunteers for Human Rights issued a report saying that “From the beginning of 2014 to the end of August 2017, Yesh Din monitored 225 new investigation files.”

“At the time of publication, investigation and prosecutorial bodies had completed the processing of 185 of these investigations. Twenty-one (11.4 per cent) of these investigations resulted in indictments, and 118 (64 per cent) were closed under circumstances attesting to police investigative failure,” it added.

The organization did not reveal the result of the other cases.

Yesh Din listed data suggesting the Israeli authorities’ lenience with Israelis attacking Palestinians.

In this regard, the organization said that it monitored over 1,200 investigations into Israeli attacks on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since 2005.

According to the data, only three per cent of investigations regarding ideologically motivated crime against Palestinians have resulted in a conviction.

In addition, only 8.1 per cent of the investigation files monitored by Yesh Din, during this period (94 of 1,163 concluded files), have led to indictments.