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Israeli Military trains for potential Palestinian Protests in September

author Friday June 17, 2011 17:21author by Katie Child - 1 of International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group Report post

Israeli police are taking part in a 3-day training exercise to prepare for potential large-scale Palestinian protests in September following Palestinian moves towards UN recognition of statehood.


The exercise is preparing for the event of thousands of Palestinians marching on Israeli roads and checkpoints. The training maneuvers are being carried out in the Israeli Occupied Golan Heights.

Israeli armed forces have declared the area a closed military zone. Roads have been closed off to allow for training exercises.

Recently Palestinian refugees have protested on Nakba Day and Naksa Day on Israelís northern borders. The protests lead to dozens killed and hundreds of injuries when Israeli forces fired live rounds on the protesters who were seeking to enter into Israel to mark their right of return.

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