The Palestinian Prisoner Committee demanded that international human rights organizations conduct an immediate investigation into the death of a Palestinian fighter in Nablus, and a sick resident who died at a military checkpoint near the city.

The Committee issued a press release stating that the Israeli army deliberately shot and killed Mohannad Al Ghandour, 28, member of the Al Awda brigades, one of the armed wings of the Fateh movement.

The society stated that soldiers based themselves on the rooves of several houses and that a sharpshooter fired at Al Ghandour, hitting and injuring several other residents.

Al Ghandour had been wanted by the Israeli security due to his resistance activities.  Dr. Ghasan Hamdan, director of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, said that Al Ghandour was extra-judicially assassinated.

Hamdan added that Al Ghandour receieved several rounds of live ammunition to the abdomen and legs.

The Committee reported that  the civilian Taiseer Al Qaisi, 45, from Nablus, died at Huwwara Israeli military checkpoint after the soldiers withheld him as he was returning home from Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem.

Soldiers stopped the vehicle transferring Al Qaisi back home and forced him to step out and walk, in spite of the fact that he suffered from cancer of the kidneys.

The army claimed that he needed a permit to ride in the vehicle and be allowed to cross the checkpoint. Al Qaisi showed the soldiers medical reports stating his condition, but they insisted that he should step out of the car and cross the roadblock on foot.

The Committee held Israel responsible for the violations, and demanded an end to the illegal Israeli practices against the residents in the occupied territories.