Palestinian sources reported on Thursday that unknown gunmen fired at the vehicles of Ramallah deputy Mayor and municipality board member as the two vehicles were parked in front of the municipality building.  The gunmen fired at the vehicles as the municipality council was holding a session at the city-hall.


The Hamas-run news website, Palestineinfo, reported that the gunmen “are believed to be Fateh members”, but the claim was not verified.


The vehicles that were fried at belong to deputy mayor of Ramallah, Mahmoud Abdullah, and municipality engineer and board member, Khaldoun Khader.


The Hamas-run website said that Fateh members who, according to the site, are planning a coup against the Hamas-led government, 'carried out several shooting attacks and broke into several governmental institutions in order to create chaos and disrupt the conduct of the government.'


Recently, senior Fateh leaders said that tunnels leading to the doorsteps of several Fateh members and leaders were uncovered in Gaza. The tunnels, according to the report, were wired.


The recent tension and trading of accusations comes as mediation efforts continue to bring the positions of Hamas and Fateh movements closer regarding the formation of a National Unity Government.