Palestinian legislator, Mustapha Barghouthi, met with the Hamas political bureau chief, Khalid Mashal, and delegates of Hamas in Syria on Thurdsday; they discussed the ongoing efforts for the formation of a National Unity Government. Barghouthi said that the talks aim to strengthen national unity among the Palestinian factions and people, and are an attempt to accelerate the talks that aim to lift the unjust siege imposed on the Palestinians.


Barghouthi also met with representatives of Palestinian factions in Syria, including Maher Al Taher, member of the political bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, leaders of the Islamic Jihad and leaders of other Palestinian factions based in Syria.


During the talks Barghouthi discussed several important issues, including the rejection of any partial agreement. He stressed the importance of concentrating on comprehensive peace talks that are based on international legitimacy and international law.


He added that any peace agreement with Israel should bring an end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories in order to establish an independent Palestinian state, and find a just solution to the issue of the Palestinian refugees.


Barghouthi also met with the Syrian vice-president, Farouq Al Share’. They discussed issues regarding the importance of Palestinian-Syrian and Palestinian-Arab cooperation in achieveing a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue, and the Arab-Israeli conflict.


The two officials also discussed issues regarding preparation for an international peace conference in order to bring the Palestinian cause back to the surface and implement the international resolutions.


He added that the Palestinians and Arabs reject a Palestinian state with temporal borders, and that the state should be independent and have sovereignty over all of the territories occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem.


Barghouthi also said that all parties should contribute their utmost efforts in order to solidify the basis of a Palestinian National Unity Government and a unified leadership for all Palestinians.


He also discussed the violations committed by Israel, and the it's attempts to force realities and solutions by constructing and expanding the settlements and constructing the Annexation Wall deep into the occupied West Bank.