Palestinian sources reported on Thursday that that night, a Palestinian patient died at an Israeli military roadblock after the soldiers stopped the vehicle transferring him to hospital. In a separate incident, one woman died of wounds suffered two days ago.

The sources stated that resident Taiseer Al Qaisy, 45, from the northern West Bank city of Nablus, died after soldiers stationed at a Nablus checkpoint stopped the vehicle transferring him to hospital.


Troops claimed that the car “does not carry a permit to cross the checkpoint”. Al Qaisy had to step out of the car, and fell dead after he walked a few meters.


In a separate incident, Palestinian sources in Jerusalem reported that Abeer Al Arameen, who was shot and injured by Israeli military fire two days ago, died of her wounds on Thursday.


Al Arameen was pronounced clinically dead early on Thursday and passed away on Thursday evening.


Al Arameen was seriously injured after the army invaded Nablus and fired rounds of live ammunition at several houses.


Earlier on Thursday, soldiers assassinated Muhanid Al Ghandur, 22, resistance fighter of Fatah movement, in Nablus.


Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, director of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society in Nablus said that Al Ghandur was hit by several rounds in his head, abdomen and legs and bled to death.


Three residents, including one child were injured during the invasion.