Senior leaders from both Fatah and Hamas agreed Friday to a ceasefire under the patronage of an Egyptian security delegation, during a meeting at the Egyptian embassy in Gaza city.
Palestinian media sources said that the meeting was held at the Egyptian embassy; where both parties’ representatives announced in a press briefing that they would work out a ceasefire agreement that end fierce infighting.

The two factions declared they wound hold another meeting tomorrow to discuss possible means to fix the ceasefire declaration.

Fatah’s representative, Samir Almashharawi, who attended the meeting, said that his movement would do whatever possible at its disposal to fix the ceasefire.

Fatah’s spokesman, Abdelhakim Awad, was quoted as saying that the meeting tomorrow will include officials from the interior ministry and he voiced hope the ceasefire would remain in effect.

According to media sources, the meeting is expected to deal with possible mechanisms to cease fire, evaluate underway situation, giving orders for field commanders, addressing root causes of unrest and guaranteeing sustainable ceasefire.

25 Palestinians have been killed and 245 others wounded over the past couple of days after infighting broke out, when the Hamas-formed executive force of the interior ministry blocked a convoy of the Palestinian presidential 17 Force guards at the Salah Eldin main road in central Gaza. Hamas claimed that trucks contained weapons bound to the 17 Force, while the presidency denied.

Both movements have frequently announced ceasefire, following bloody incidents in Gaza over the past two months. Infighting has so far claimed lives of dozens of Palestinians and wounded some hundred others.