Israeli sources reported on Tuesday morning that Israeli officials are worried that a Palestinian Unity Government would create international pressure to negotiate with it even if the new government does not fully cognize Israel.Israeli Newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, reported that Israel is still skeptical that Hamas and Fateh will be able to agree on a unity government after the recent violence between Fateh and Hamas and the large number of casualties.


Israeli sources said that even if Hamas and Fateh agree on a unity government, fighters of the two movements might still reject it.


Israeli officials are worried that Hamas, which achieved an overwhelming victory in last years’ legislative elections, will be able to maintain its standards of not recognizing Israel, or recognizing the previously signed peace agreements after a unity government is formed.  


Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) chief Yuval Diskin, said that a Palestinian unity government will allow the lifting of the international embargo that would see a flow of financial aid.


Diskin added that Hamas would gain from the establishment of a unity government since the new government will achieve international legitimacy.


He believes that the unity government will create a pressure on Israel to deal with it, and engage in dialogue.


Hamas and Fateh leaders, including president Mahmoud Abbas and Khalid Mashal are holding talks in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.  


Also, Diskin said that Israel should refrain from intervening in the factions fighting in the Gaza Strip but said that Israel should prepare for a “contingency plan” for a possible large scale military offensive.


He added that if Israel carries offensive in Gaza, and topples the government, it will have to set up a Civil Administration office there.


Diskin also said that the chaos in the Palestinian territories does not serve the Israeli interests.


Diskin stated that even if Hamas is offering an extended truce with Israel, it “is not willing to recognize Israel and is not showing flexibility in that direction”.


Meanwhile, as the Palestinians are nearly ready to form a unity government, and preparing for the Mecca meeting between Fateh and Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Yoram Turbowicz, and Olmert’s his foreign affairs adviser Shalom Turgeman are conducting international talks in an attempt to convince the international community that even if a unity government is reached, sanctions and blockade must remain in effect unit Hamas recognizes Israel, recognizes the previously signed peace deals, and “renounces violence”.