Palestinian medical sources confirmed that an 8 year-old girl was shot dead and two women were wounded in a crossfire during tribal clashes in Rafah city, in the southern Gaza Strip.
Shaza Abu Mohsin and three others, including two women and a young man, were hit by stray bullets during the clashes. No further details were reported.

In the nearby city of Khan Younis, two men were reportedly injured during a similar family clash between the Almasry and Abu Taha families.

Meanwhile, media sources reported that several masked gunmen kidnapped Saturday Mohammad Abu Shammala, 40, of the 17 Force, the President’s guards, in the Rafah city.

Local sources believed the kidnapping was based on a family feud.

Such developments came just 24 hours after launching in Gaza the first ever Palestinian national unity government, expected to end the security lapse and lawlessness across the Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip.