The Palestinian Maan News Agency reported on Wednesday night that one Palestinian youth was shot and killed, and another civilian was injured by Israeli army gunfire in Aboud village, near Ramallah city in the northern part of the West Bank.The Palestine News Network (PNN) reported that the youthe was identified as Mohammad Ibrahim Salayma, 17.

Soldiers abducted the body of Salayma but later handed it over to a Palestinian ambulance. His body was moved to the Ramallah Governmental Hospital.

Also, soldiers shot and injured resident Hatim Dar Salah, and kidnapped him, PNN reported.

An Israeli military source claimed that “soldiers shot two armed Palestinians” near Ramallah, and that the condition of the two remained unknown.

No soldiers were injured, army sources added.

Also, the army claimed that soldiers shot and injured one resident of Dir Abu Mashal village, north of Ramallah after clamming that he hurled a Molotov cocktail at a their jeep.