A report prepared and published by the Palestinian National Information Center – State Information Service, revealed that the Israeli army committed 1,123 violations against Palestinians and their property in the period between March 6th and March 12th.


The violations included opening fire at civilians, shelling neighborhoods, and repeatedly invading cities, villages and refugee camps.

These violations included installing roadblocks on roads linking Palestinian communities and cities togetehr, and annexing lands for settlement construction and the construction of the illegal Wall.

During the reported period, soldiers fired at civilians and civilain property 42 times, and shot and injured 13 civilians.

Troops conducted 30 invasions and abducted 103 civilians. A total of 60 invasions were carried out during the reported week, and a total of 219 break-ins of Palestinian homes and property were reported.

Moreover, soldiers installed 136 temporary roadblocks in 59 seperate incidents. Crossings and main roads were closed 310 times.

Illegal Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank carried out three attacks against Palestinian civilains.

Since the beginning of this year, Israeli troops have committed a total of 13,417 violations against the Palestinain population. Among these violations were 522 shooting attacks; 22 civilians were killed and 369 were injured.

A total of 1090 temporary checkpoints were installed and a total of 1410 civilians were kidnapped.

Soldiers have committed 23 acts of bulldozing and uprooting trees for settlement construction and expansion, and the construction of the illegal Wall, since the beginning of the year.