The Israeli Army and Police force warned on Saturday West Bank settlers against carrying out their plans to reoccupy the evacuated illegal settlement outpost of Homesh in the occupied West Bank, and stated that such an act would result in two-year imprisonment.The outpost was evacuated in 2005 when Israel carried out the Gaza pullout plan that included evacuating the settlers from the Gaza Strip and from four settlements in the West Bank.

An Israeli online daily reported on Saturday that the Israeli police sent a warning letter to the settlers planning the action and informed them that “intelligence services had provided information on their whereabouts and intentions”. The Israeli military allegedly told the settlers that they would "use all force necessary" to keep them from re-occupying the outposts.

The settlers would also face a criminal law suit for compensation to the state for the cost of dealing with the attempted reoccupation, teh report added. 

The settlers rejected the government’s demands and compared the government to Saddam Hussein, the report said.

The settlers’ organization advocating the re-occupation of the outposts distributed thousands of leaflets to synagogues telling people where they could take transportation to the outposts for the events.  

Haaretz said that the organizers expect thousands to participate and that they advised the participants to bring suitable clothing and outdoor equipment.

Meanwhile, the army informed the settlers that according to the disengagement law, Israeli citizens are not allowed to enter or live in the area without a permit, and that the army and police would use force if needed to gain order.

Israeli Deputy Police Commissioner, Kobi Cohen, said that the planned action is considered a “grave violation of the law”.