Friday, unknown gunmen ambushed a Fateh official, and a top union leader, as he drove his vehicle, with his family, in the Gaza Strip; the official was moderately injured.The gunmen who carried the attack remained unknown, and no Palestinian group claimed responsibility.


The officer was identified as Ghassan Bairy, 50, head of the Palestinian National Labor Union. He is also loyal to Fateh party.


After the gunmen shot him in the leg, they forced his family out of the vehicle and sped away.


Union Union spokesman Riziq Bayrie, the brother of the injured official, said that this shooting is part of chaos and lawlessness in the Gaza Strip, and demanded the government to act immediately in order to maintain order in the Gaza Strip.


He did not accuse any group of carrying the attack but said that “such attacks are carried by the enemy of the Palestinian people”.


Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that Bairy is an outspoken critic of Hamas, and is has close ties with Mohammad Dahlan, a senior Fateh leader and strongman in Gaza.


According to Haaretz, Hamas accused Bairy of inciting against it, and that Hamas gunmen destroyed the Union's Radio Station, and accused Bairy of corruption.