Leader of Al-Aqsa Brigade in Jenin, Zakaria Zbeidi survived an assassination attempt by Israeli troops who invaded the city in the early hours of Saturday morning.Clashes erupted between the resistance fighters and the Israeli army when one of the Aqas brigade fighters discovered that Israeli troops were hiding in one of the houses in the refugee camp.

Zubeidi was wounded in his shoulders in the clashes, but was treated and moved to an unknown location by the resistance fighters.

Infantry troops sneaked into the camp in the early hours of the morning while bulldozers entered from other entrances with more than 15 military vehicles.

Resistance fighters set up barricades at the entrances of the camp to prevent the Israeli troops from entering. However, Israeli bulldozers removed the barricades and troops invaded the camp.

Al-Aqsa brigade fighters claimed responsibility for damaging one of the Israeli bulldozers, by detonating a and explosive device near the bulldozer.

Spokesperson of the Aqsa brigade, the armed wing of Fatah said that Zubeidi, 27 is claimed wanted by the Israeli army since the Israeli invasion of the Jenin refugee camp in March 2002. Zubeidi lost his mother and brother in this invasion, claimed the lives of nearly 50 Palestinians.

Noteworthy that Zubeidi survived several assassination and kidnap attempts by the Israeli army during the past few years. Israeli forces demolished his house and kidnapped two of his brothers.