Palestinian medida sources said that the Israeli army shot to death a Palestinian resistance fighter and injured another in northern Gaza Strip, just close to the Jabalya refugee camp.
The sources added that Foud Ma’rouf, 22, was killed another resident was injured after the Israeli warplanes fired at least four missiles on a group of Palestinians in the area.

The killed is said to be a member of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Coincidently, scores of Israeli tanks and armored vehicles, under a barrage of heavy gunfire, incurred on Saturday dawn into the vicinity of the Alshuhada cemetery, to the east of Jabalya refugee camp.

Witnesses said that the Israeli tanks have been stationed at the street leading to the cemetery and began shooting at nearby Palestinian-owned houses in Jabalya, Beit Lahya and the Alshija’iya neighborhood of Gaza city.

Last Wednesday, the Israeli soldiers infiltrated the Beit Hanoun city, north of Gaza, killing a Palestinian fighter and wounded two others.

Recent Israeli incursions into parts of the Gaza Strip come after Israeli defense minister, Amir Perets, ordered recently small-scale attacks on Gaza, under the pretext of cracking down on Palestinian resistance groups.

Escalation on the ground comes despite a ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, reached last November, yet this ceasefire did not include the West Bank, where the Israeli army carries out attacks almost on daily basis.

Last summer Israel killed approximately 500 Palestinian men, women and children, wounded 4,000 others and took prisoners some one thousand under a code-named ‘Summer Rains’ offensive, meant to encounter resistance groups.