League of the Arab states warned Monday of the continued Israeli military escalation against the Palestinian people, voicing concern over chances of peace in the region.

Hesham Yousef, spokesperson of the league, called upon the international community to urge Israel to halt attacks on the Palestinian territories to pave the way for resuming direct negotiations at all tracks.

Israel continues attacks on the West Bank, while it has recently warned of carrying out a massive attack on the Gaza Strip. Yousef's statements came at a meeting with foreign representatives in Cairo, as Yousef briefed the ambassadors on the latest meeting of the Arab states, involved in reactivating the Arab peace initiative.

In order to make such a peace proposal successful, Israel should stop all its practices in the occupied Palestinian territories including the construction of settlements and the Apartheid Wall, Yousef believed.

The Arab official maintained that the Arab league will dispatch special envoys to world capitals to promote the Arab peace proposal, which calls for full Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Arab lands andthe finding of a fair solution for the Palestinian refugee problem, in return for normal Arab-Israeli ties.

In late March 2007, the Arab states re-endorsed this peace initiative first drafted in 2002, in order to reach a comprehensive peace deal with Israel and wrap up the Israeli-Arab conflict once and for all. Israel refused the offer, calling for amendments.