The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession (MUSAWA) demanded that the legal system and the prosecution should to be excluded from the general strike which was called for by the Government workers union, in order to avoid any destructive consequences.MUSAWA issued a statement and several letters that where addressed to President Mahmoud Abbas, Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, the Government Workers Union, the Higher Judicial System, Lawyers Union and Government Employees Union, and stated in its letters that the judicial system “is the main artery that maintains justice in the society, and that the absence of the legal system will increase chaos and insecurity”.

The Center also stated that the strike which will be initiated on Wednesday and Saturday is one of the guaranteed rights of the employees who have not been paid full salaries in several months and became unable to support themselves and their families.

The Center called on the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian president to hold their responsibilities and pay the full salaries of the employees, and added that the center will continue to encourage any act that would promote security and would end the violations and attacks against the residents and their institutions.  

Moreover, the Center demanded president Abbas and the Ministerial Council to speed the implantation of their vows and to implement the demands of the workers unions in order to end the strike.