Family of detainee Zeidan Mohammad Zeidan, 22, from the northern West Bank city of Jenin, voiced an appeal to save the life of their detained son as he is seriously ill while the Israeli Prison Administration (IPA) refuses to provide him with the needed medical treatment.Mohammad, the father of Zeidan, stated that his son is now in Shatta Israeli prison and that he is continuously losing weight and cannot stand due to health issues in his stomach, intestines and legs.

Zeidan was shot and injured before he was arrested six years ago in Megiddo inside the Israeli boundaries.

The Israeli prosecution claims that Zeidan intended to carry a suicide bombing, and that he is a member of the Islamic Jihad.

The father added that the IPA neglected the medical condition of his son and is refusing to transfer him to any hospital which is causing serious deterioration in his health condition.

He voiced an appeal to human rights groups to intervene and ensure that his detained son receives the needed medical treatment.