An Israeli military source said that three soldiers and two Palestinian activists were shot dead on Thursday morning in a fire exchange which erupted in the settlement on Thursday morning.

In Moragh settlement in the south of the Gaza strip, according to military sources three soldiers were shot dead after exchanging fire with two Palestinian activists as they attempted to infiltrate into the settlement.

An Israeli medical source said that at least two other soldiers were shot in the operation and also stated that soldiers believe that a third activist participated in the operation. The army is currently conducting searches.

Meanwhile, a senior Israeli security official said that an investigation is being conducted in the incident since the activists managed to penetrate into a” restricted military area”, which is a dangerous issue, according to the source.

The official added that the security devices did not have any information about intentions to infiltrate into the military post and the settlement, and added that the soldiers are “always on high alert”.

It is worth mentioning that Ahmad Abu Al-Reesh Brigade, one of Fatah’s military wings, Al-Quds Brigade, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad, Salah Ed-Deen Brigade, and the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees all claimed responsibility for the operation.

Meanwhile, a local source in Khan Younis refugee camp said that soldiers leveled six homes after more than twenty tanks and military vehicles raided Khan Younis and Khan Younis refugee camp.

Twelve Palestinians were reported wounded after a military helicopter shelled Khan Younis overnight.

The source added that soldiers chased six activists who attempted to place an explosive charge near a military force.

The army, on the other hand, described the operation as a “defensive procedure” to improve the “defensive capacities of the army” as a military source described it, saying that it aims to shell buildings used by the resistance to fire at the military camps in the area.