Israeli soldiers invaded on Tuesday, the village of Al-Ras, south of Tulkarem in the West Bank.

A local source in the village reported that several military jeeps, vehicles and a troop carrier invaded that village, broke into dozens of homes and conducted military searches, especially in the center of the village.

The source stated that soldiers interrogated dozens of residents and took their identity card numbers.

Also, soldiers drew maps of the attacked homes, including sizes, number of rooms and residents.

Among the searched homes, the following names were reported, The home of Riyad Ahmad Mahdoub,  Ziad Mohammad Saleh, Abdul-Rahim Obdeh, Jamal Mohammad Saleh, Eid Ahmad Mahboub,  and Mote’a Salameh Nasser.

The army repeatedly invaded the village over the last two months and broke into dozens of homes, in addition to repeated incidents of closures, military searches and interrogations on checkpoints.