The Hamas delegation to ended three days of talks with Egyptian officials in Cairo.

Mohammad Nazzal who was on Hamas’ delegation dismissed reports claiming that Egypt suggested a temporary truce to be initiated from the Palestinian side.

Nazzal said, stopping the armed resistance was not even discussed with the Egyptians, and they did not provide proposals on restructuring the Palestinian leadership, as some news agencies wrote.

The goal of the meetings was not to reach decisions or attitudes on issues, but to exchanges views on significant issues like the future of the Gaza Strip after an Israeli withdrawal and the formation of a unified leadership with a unified political program, said Nazzal.

According to Nazzal, Hamas supports the national Palestinian talks and demands the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat to agree to form a Palestinian leadership that includes all the Palestinian factions.

The delegates noted that the meetings in Cairo were only with the Egyptians , who expressed a serious interest in maintain a Palestinian unity, and in Hamas joining the suggested unified leadership.