Despite rising “provocative” and possibly inciting statements of settlers and right wing hardliners, Israeli Attorney General Menachem Mazuz decided not to launch an investigation against Rabbi Yosef Dayan.

Dayan, the Rabbi of the West Bank settlement of Psagot, declared readiness last week to carry out a kabbalistic ‘Pulsa Denura’ ceremony to place a curse on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Sources in the Justice Department said that Dayan’s remarks do not constitute incitement. Dayan, who performed a similar ceremony against Israeli former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin prior to his assassination, said last Tuesday that he would be willing to conduct the ceremony if other rabbis instructed him to do so.

Meanwhile right wing hardliners stepped up verbal attacks against key officials involved in preparing for implementing the disengagement plan.

Nadia Matar, who is co-chairwoman of the right-wing group Women in Green (Women for Israel’s Tomorrow), compared the letter expected to be sent to settlers slated for evacuation with the expulsion document sent to Jews in Berlin in 1942.

The comparison was stated in a letter sent to the head of the Disengagement Administration, Yonatan Bassi.

The document sent to Jews during World War Two was written by the Judenrat (Jewish Council), in cooperation with Nazi authorities.

Matar referred to Bassi as the head of the ‘Expulsion Administration’ and called him the ‘modern version of the Judenrat – but actually far worse.’

MK Avshalom Vilan (Yahad) demanded Monday that Mazuz order an investigation into Matar’s suspected incitement.

Eran Sternberg, a spokesman for the Gaza settlements Coast Regional Council, called Bassi to ‘save his honor and resign from the ‘transferist’ role he has assumed, instead of trying to bribe the settlers with kind words and money.’

Meanwhile, the Arutz Sheva Web site published a letter Sunday from a Gush Katif resident to two of his soldier brothers, urging them to refuse orders to evacuate settlers.

‘Don’t make me raise my hand against you,’ he wrote. ‘Once it begins and goes out of control, who knows where it will go… What would I tell Mother if, God forbid, you were hurt?’