Monday evening, a military Apache fired several shells at a jeep on Tal Al-Hawa Street in the south of Gaza, completely detonating it and killing two men IDF alleges were Hamas activists and wounding five others, one seriously.

A medical source at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza said that the bodies of Rabah Zaqqouq, 38, and Nabeel Al-Sa’edy, 35, from Al-Boreij refugee camp were so completely mutilated that it was difficult to identify them.

The source added that more than seven residents were wounded in the blast, including a father and his two children, who sustained moderate-to –severe wounds.

Meanwhile, hundreds of residents rushed to the scene and chanted slogans against the occupation and the continuous assassinations conducted by the army. The crowd called for the Palestinian resistance movement to avenge the assassination and “continuous military crimes against the Palestinians in the occupied territories”.

The Israel radio mentioned only that a military jet had fired several missiles at a Palestinian Jeep, killing two and wounding a third activist.

Sunday night IDF soldiers assassinated Khaled Abu Saleema, one of the alleged leaders of Hamas military wing in Gaza, in a similar air-strike. A previous assassination carried out on the seventh of September in Gaza caused the death of 15 Palestinians, including children.