The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee declared a general strike on Saturday to commemorate the anniversary of the 12 Israeli Arabs killed by the police on October 1, 2000 .

On October 1, 2000 , Protests erupted in Israeli Arab areas after scores of Palestinians were killed, including many Israeli Arabs as police stormed into Haram Al-Sharif to disperse a protest against Sharon ‘s proactive visit to the holy Muslim place; an incident that marked the start of Al-aqsa Intifada.

During the protests, police extensively used life ammunition against demonstrators.

The strike will include schools, public institutions, and private businesses. The decision, which was demanded by the families of those killed, was reached unanimously.

The committee also decided that in the week leading up to the anniversary, Israeli Arab schools will teach an educational program focusing on the events and their ramifications.

On the anniversary, Arab Israelis will march to the gravesites to pay respect to the 12 killed.

Israeli Arabs are particularly outraged over lack of implementation of the Or commission recommendations.

Or committee investigated the incidents that led to the killing of the 12, but the Monitoring Committee says that all recommendations were shelved.