“Settlements Council” in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, said that it is preparing to conduct a wide-scaled public campaign to counter Sharon ‘s disengagement plan from the Gaza Strip and four settlements in the Wets Bank.

Settlers’ leaders who described their campaign as “Ideal” said that they intend to gather the support of one million Israelis in order to counter disengagement.

The leaders expect their campaign to cost tens of millions of UD Dollars, and plan to gather the needed money mainly in the United States in addition to collecting support in the street and “knock on the doors of one million homes”, as they described it, to convince the Israeli of conducting a national poll on disengagement.

It is worth mentioning that settlers apposed the public poll on the Plan, after a study revealed that approximately 60% of the Israelis are with the plan, but when Sharon rejected to conduct a public poll, they decided to demand it in order to install a timetable for disengagement hoping to convince the people to appose it.

Settlers also intend to protest in the streets and junctions in “every city in Israel ” and will conduct visitations to settlements in the Gaza Strip and the north of the West Bank , which are slated for evacuation.

It is worth mentioning that this campaign is run by four main figures headed by Ze’ev Jafeer, who was the assistant of Sharon for settlement affairs and accompanied him for more than twenty years in leading campaigns which supports constructing settlements in the Palestinian territories.

Jafeer was a close friend to Sharon and his family and repeatedly said that he know Sharon very well and “knows exactly what makes him angry”.

The second man in this campaign is Eliezer Hasiday, members in the Central Committee in the Likud Party, and also very closes to Sharon .

It is worth mentioning that an advertisement company is cooperating with the campaign and receiving huge amounts in order to conduct the needed advertisement, the company also conducts polls among the Israeli.

The latest poll conducted by this company revealed that 82% of the Israelis fear that an “Internal War” will erupt as a result of the disengagement Plan, in addition to “bloody” clashes between the settlers and the Police trying to evacuate them.

Some settlers’ leaders said that they will not allow violence against the soldiers and called upon the soldiers to reject implementing the plan and described the evacuation as “an ugly crime against humanity”.

Settlers in the Gaza Strip suggested to their counterparts in the West Bank not to use violence in resisting the evacuation, but that majority of settlers in the West Bank believe that the best way is to resist all Oslo Agreements and evacuation.

The violent attitude and incitement among settlers and extremist groups and their repeated call to resist any evacuation or agreement with the Palestinians was one of the main reasons and motivation for the assassination Yitzhak Rabin , the Israeli Prime Minister, carried out by Yigal Amir, an extremist Jew in 1999.