Israeli security sources reported Thursday that eight armed Palestinians trying to cross the borders into the Gaza Strip surrendered to Egyptian security.

The source explained that Egyptian security spotted the men as they attempted to breach a border fence on Wednesday and exchanged fire with them, forcing them to seek shelter at a nearby farm, but finally turned themselves up.

Israel repeatedly criticized Egypt for not investing efforts to prevent smuggling across its borders with the Gaza Strip.

Egypt requested an amendment to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty to allow Egypt to deploy more troops along the borders. Israel dismissed the Egyptian request.

Talks over handing security responsibilities at the Philadilphi border line to Egyptians in order to allow for a complete Israeli withdrawal from the entire Gaza Strip did not delver fruits yet.

Israel insisted on holding to the border line, forcing Egypt to reconsider its planned security rule in the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of the intended Israel evacuation of settlements and redeployment of forces.

Israel , in a claimed attempt to foil arms smuggles through underground tunnels across the borders, continued with massive destruction of Palestinian homes along the borders.

Egypt conditioned playing a security rule in Gaza with a complete Israeli withdrawal, including the border corridor, and allowing Palestinians to move between Gaza and the West bank.

Recently, and apparently due to Israeli and American pressure, Egypt deployed more troops along its borders with Israel and the Gaza Strip.