According to Al-Hayat newspaper, Egypt has postponed the Palestinian factions’ Cairo meeting, scheduled for Sunday.

AlHayat said in its Saturday edition that the decision to postpone the meeting was ‘due to the absence of guarantees from Israel ‘ that it will implement and carry out its disengagement plan.

The Egyptian authorities have decided not to push Palestinian faction’s unity talks unless concrete results are achieved in its talks with Israel .

‘We are waiting for Israeli guarantees on the implementation of the vision agreed upon in talks,’ Egyptian sources told Al-Hayat.

The representatives of the five major Palestinian factions, Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Democratic Front, and the Popular Front were scheduled to meet in Cairo on Sunday.

During the past few weeks, Egypt repeatedly postponed the meeting due to Israeli lack of cooperation with the efforts Egypt is making.

Egypt is waiting for Israel to answer to its demand to refrain from carrying out military operations in Gaza , including targeted killings, following an Israeli withdrawal from the Palestinian Strip.

Egypt believes that such an Israeli commitment would help convince Palestinian factions to agree to a cease-fire.

Egypt also conditioned sending Egyptian observers to the Gaza Strip with an Israeli declaration that it will withdraw from the entire Gaza Strip, including the Philadelphi Route .