Palestinian Interior Minister Nasser Yousif said Tuesday that he informed Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz that the PA is incapable of playing a real security role in Gaza due to the level of destruction PA security endured and to being poorly equipped.

Yousif also said that in his last week meeting with Mofaz, he dismissed all Israeli security requests in the Gaza Strip until Israel changes its current policy, allowing freedom of movement to Palestinians and allowing the PA to upgrade security weapons and training.

“I told him that Israel should allow 50,000 Gaza workers to enter Israel in order to ease the serious economic hardship in the Palestinian strip; should allow PA security to receive modern equipment; should allow Palestinians to move freely in the strip” Yousif said.

Yousif also said that he informed the U.S. Administration that security cooperation in the Gaza Strip was impossible under the current circumstances.  

Yousif said that in the coming few days PA security would witness real reforms in its leadership structure and salaries paid to soldiers and officers, noting that new young leaders are now provided with the opportunity to develop and reform the security establishment.