An Israeli military source stated that a settler was seriously injured on Tuesday afternoon, while working in Morag settlement, in the southern Gaza Strip.


The source reported that the settler was working on a fence in the ‘hothouse’ area.

The settler was transferred to Soroka Medical Center in Bir Sheva and underwent surgery; medical sources said that his injury is serious but not life threatening, and that he was injured in his stomach.

The Israeli army said that a Palestinian sniper fired at him while he was working at the hothouse in the settlement.

Israeli army radio reported that the Popular Resistance Committee claimed responsibility for the shooting.

In a separate incident, a bomb detonated near a military vehicle in Rafah, army reported no injuries.

Army conducted military searches in the explosion area, no arrests reported.

Israeli sources reported that thee shooting came while Sharon was preparing to visit the area and meet with representatives if Gaza Strip settlements, whose settlers are seeking group move to the Netzarim area, south of Ashkelon.