Labor MK Dani Yatum warned Saturday that a military coup could happen in Israel because national religious officers will soon constitute the majority in the army leading ranks.

Yatum is also a General in the reserve, and has served as the head of the Israeli foreign intelligence service {MOSAD}

Yatum made his remarks during a meeting to discuss a newly published book by writer Tsvi Amit, in which the writer imagines the situation in Israel following a military coup.

‘Yes it is possible. Religious soldiers are doing a great job, but are also influenced by Rabbis. They tend to follow the directions of their Rabbis more than their army commanders’  Yatum said in an answer to a question whether a coup is possible in Israel.

Yatum also called for bringing all rabbis who called soldiers to disobey orders, including Rabbi Shabira, to trial.


Later, Yatom explained to Israeli electronic news site Arab Ynet that up to the past two years, it was not even imaginable that there could be a military defiance against the political leadership in Israel. ‘Now it is real, Rabbis are demanding it.’ he said.

Yatum called for taking all necessary steps to prevent the extreme right wing from taking over leadership positions in the army.

‘In few years, any commander of an army unit could lead a coup’ Yatum warned.