A Palestinian military source in Nablus said that Israeli soldiers shot and injured eleven residents in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and arrested fifteen other residents.

A local source in Nablus reported that soldiers, supported by dozens of armored vehicles invaded the Northern Mountain area and Faisal Street, conducted military searches and arrested fifteen residents.

The arrested residents were identified as Mohammad Al-Tanbour, 16, Nour Al-Tanbour, 20, Firas Al-Tanbour, Rami Al-Khaleely, and Ibrahim Al-Khaleely, Murad Jafar Al-Khaleely (a blind resident) and his brother Ez Al-Deen, Mahmoud Sa’id Al-Khaleely, Amjad Jamal Al-Khaleely, Nasser Sa’ad Al-Khaleely, Jalal Al-Khaleely, Nael Al-Khaleely, Saed Salem Al-Aghbar, and his brothers Husam and Samer.

A medical source in Nablus said that the father of Murad and Ez Ed-Deen Al-Khaleely collapsed after the soldiers arrested his two sons and was hospitalized in Nablus.  

The source added that eleven youth were injured during the military invasion; the residents were identified as Tha’er Ashour, 15,  Rami Usama Domyati, 17, Ahmad Omar Mansy, 17, Ameed Ghazi Abu Kishk, 17, Ibrahim Ismail Abu Leil, 17, Sameer Mohammad Al-Qadhi, 23, Mohammad Al-Ateera, Radhi Nimir Radhi, Ameed Olewi, 16, Ali Hasan Mansour, 15, and Amin Zayed Abdullah, 31.