Palestinian security officials and representatives of the Palestinian resistance factions will meet Monday in Cairo to discuss security issues in preparation efforts for the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources said, Rasheed Abu Shbak, director of the preventive security apparatus was supposed to join Amin Al-Hindi, director of the Palestinian Intelligence, Brigadair Sa’eb Al-‘Ajez chief of the Palestinian Police, and Mousa Arafat chief of the Intelligence, however, Israel did not allow him to leave Gaza Strip.

The source said, talks will cover the latest developments on the Palestinian side regarding the expected Israeli withdrawal, and will finalize arrangements for a group of Palestinian security officers who will go to Egypt for training by the end of this month.

On their side, the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine said a high ranking delegation from the movement will start Tuesday a Palestinian-Egyptian dialogue to discuss three major issues.

The dialogue will cover the internal Palestinian reform efforts, the internal Palestinian unity and the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza Strip.

Mohammad Al-Hindi, one of the prominent leaders of the movement told reporters that the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has only one plan which is to destroy the Palestinian People.

‘Sharon’s plans always change in accordance to the Likuds interest that is currently living an unprecedented state of chaos’ said Al-Hindi.

Al Hindi said the dialogue in Cairo is the foundation for a comprehensive dialogue that will be based on the common things among the Palestinian factions.

The Egyptian stance now is a positive one, that aims to guarantee the unity of the Occupied Palestinian land in 1967 and to guarantee the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in a continuous process to include the West Bank as well.

Al-Hindi warned against falling into internal conflicts and falling into traps made by Sharon.

‘Sharon wants to lead us into a trap, and he wants Egypt to play a bigger security role in Gaza Strip to create tensions, which is something that Egypt and the Palestinian factions are aware of and reject as well’ Al-Hindi said.