The Palestinian Environment Authority claims there are dumping sites for toxic wastes, in some of the Gaza Strip settlements Israel is planning to evacuate within disengagement plan, Palestinian sources reported on Tuesday.

Speaking to a press conference, chair of the Palestinian Environment Quality Authority Yousef Abu Safiyah stated the authority is certain that the dumping sites in Gush Katif settlement blocs contain toxic waste.

Abu Safiyah remarked that Israel refused to give the Palestinian Authority samples from the dumping sites to be examined in its labs.

He added that the PA addressed the United Nations Environment Program asking them to deploy an international team to ensure clearance of these settlements of toxic material.

Abu Safiyah said, the Palestinian Authority, in cooperation with the respective bodies will prevent Palestinians to enter the settlement after the evacuation until the area is tested for and radiation or toxics, that could be harmful.

There are no guarantees that the settlements are toxic-free radiation-free areas, Abu Safiyah said, adding that ‘settlers buried at least 50 thousand tons of toxic waste in the Gush Kativ settlements in the year 2000.’

The authorities have made Palestinians in the Gaza Strip aware of this issue and cautioned against attempts to sneak into the settlements after the intended Israeli pullout.