The Israeli army reported on Tuesday that the Knesset is weighing the possibility of conducting amendments to some articles in the peace agreements which were singed between Israel and Egypt in Camp David in 1979.

The amendments on the plan are mostly “security clauses” of the agreement which named the Sinai Peninsula as a demilitarized zone, Israel believes that this article needs to be changed in order to enable the Egyptian security enter the area and secure the Philadelphi Route in the southern Gaza Strip.

Egypt and Israel agreed that Egypt will deploy some 850 soldiers along the borders with Israel as part of the disengagement plan from the Gaza Strip; the main task of these forces is to prevent weapon smuggling into the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Foreign Minister Sylvan Shalom met with the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak on Tuesday in Cairo and presented the Israeli “Road Map” to peace with Arabic countries.

According to the plan, Israeli plans to renew diplomatic ties with seven Arabic countries, three already has tries (Egypt, Jordan and Mauritius); while the names of the other four countries remained unveiled but it is believed that these countries are African and Gulf states.

Also, Shalom said in a press conference that “the countries should do everything they can in order not to miss the opportunity to advance the peace process, since “time is against us”, according to Shalom.

Shalom also met with Omar Suleiman, head of the Egyptian Intelligence Services, and Ahmad Abu Al-Gheit, the Egyptian Foreign Minister.