A report released by Jerusalem Center for Social and economic rights revealed that the Israeli government is planning to erect a chain of small Jewish neighborhoods in the east of Jerusalem starting from Sheikh Jarrah area until the eastern areas of Jabal Al-Mokabber.

The report revealed that the settlement chain started after a group of settlers occupied Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood; the settlers submitted a plan to Jerusalem municipality and the ministry of interior in order to erect hundreds of settlement units in Sheikh Jarrah area, then it extends to Beit Odot outpost on the Olive Mount then to Maali Hazitim settlement which was erected last year.

Currently the project is in its initial stages, the construction is currently being intensively carried out in Nov Zion area which is the new name of Nov Zahav settlement in Jabal Al-Mokabber, bulldozers are leveling the lands to erect 500 units, in addition to restaurants, tourist hotels overlooking at the old city of Jerusalem from the south. 

“Wiggle” Construction Company, headed by Aboud Leve, is responsible of the constructions in Jabal Al-Mokabber; the company which was established five years ago, constructed all of the settlements south and east of the Old City.

Also, a new settlement will be erected west and east of Abu Dis, and will be on the opposite side of Nov Zion settlement.

The center said that it received complaints from dozens of Palestinian families living in Jabal Al-Mokabber after the company of Leve claimed ownership over 86 Dunams owned by Palestinian families, the owners were given a period of one month to prove ownership over the land.

Also, the Legal department at the center will submit its legal responses against the claims of ownership of these lands by the Wiggle Company.

The center concluded recently a visit to Brussels after participating at a joint meeting with Israeli leftist attorney under the sponsorship of Lawyers without Borders and the EU. 

The delegates discussed the Israeli violations headed by the Separation Wall and settlement activities in the occupied territories, in addition to Israeli violations against the rights of Arab residents of Israel.

Also, the meeting discussed violations in the Palestinian territories such as the weakness in the Palestinian Judicial system, execution orders by the courts, and repeated attacks against Palestinian prisons.  

The Palestinian and Israeli delegates were in agreement concerning the occupation and its continuous violations against the International Law, and agreed to resume their meetings and cooperation in the future.