Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called his ministers to take part in efforts to end incitement against army officers and soldiers ahead of a unilateral disengagement and the Gaza Strip settlements’ evacuation.

Sharon criticized ministers who do not speak out against extreme right-wing threats of a civil war.

‘We have witnessed in the past few days a fierce campaign of incitement, including references to civil war. I see this as extremely dire. I find these threats on army officers and members of the security establishment to be a severe offense’ Sharon said while angrily banging on the table. .

‘There may be differences of opinion, but leave the security establishment out of it. Leave the army out of it, you can’t incite against them or threaten them,’ he added .

Sharon asked Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and Public Security Minister Gideon Ezra to do whatever is necessary to avoid the realization of the settler’s threats

‘the ministers must let their voice be heard on this issue. I expect ministers in the government to be heard. This phenomenon must stop. Unfortunately, these views are not only being voiced by the settlers’ he added

National Union MK Aryeh Eldad rejected Sharon ‘s accusations, saying ‘The Key to civil war is in the prime minister’s hands and if it does break out, he will be remembered in the history of the nation of Israel as the one who caused it,’

Settlers Threaten Disobedience and Violence

As tens of thousands are expected to pour into Zion square in Jerusalem on Sunday night to protest against the intended evocation of some settlements, Settler leaders are considering calling soldiers to disobey orders and settlers to resist the evacuation.

Yesha Council deputy chairman Shaul Goldstein described the decision to evacuate settlements as undemocratic, saying that he can no longer demand that his colleagues to obey orders to evacuate settlements.

Goldstein called Israeli Prime minister Ariel Sharon to either go to elections or hold a referendum.

Goldstein said the settlers had warned the defense establishment of the risk of violent clashes between settlers and the evacuating forces, including an armed confrontation.

‘We have no specific information, but if Yesha settlers can threaten a battalion commander in Karmei Zur, one can only guess how they will treat left wingers and potential evacuators.’ ‘

On Sunday, the political security cabinet is expected to adopt the principles of the bill proposal to implement the disengagement plan.

On Tuesday, a large majority of cabinet ministers are expected to approve the proposed bill and ratify advance payments to settlers who wish to be evacuated.

Settlers and right wing hardliners are attempting to force Sharon to run elections or a referendum under the threat of a possible civil war, knowing that under such conditions, most of the people who support disengagement would reconsider their stand to avoid a civil war.

Sharon was twice defeated in a Likud referendum and in a Likud central committee voting.