The Palestinian Center for Human Rights, in Gaza , revealed in its weekly report that 22 Palestinian were killed, including three children in the Palestinian territories in one week; all of the casualties were in the Gaza Strip, except one resident who was shot dead in the West Bank .

The center said that soldiers intensified the military procedures and attacks in the Palestinian territories and shelled several cities, refugee camps and neighborhoods, in addition to intensifying the siege imposed over the Palestinian territories.

The Gaza Strip:

Soldiers killed 21 residents, including three children; four among the dead were assassinated when military apaches shelled a training camp which belongs to Hamas, on September, 7 th , 2004.

•  September, 2nd, soldiers shot dead four Palestinians in Dir Al-Balah after raiding and shelling it.

•  September, 3rd , one child died of wounds sustained earlier in Rafah after shelling it.

•  September, 4th, on resident died of wounds sustained earlier in Khan Younis.

•  September, 4th, more than 14 Palestinians were wounded in Kahn Younis of military shelling.

•  September, 7th, one child died after soldiers shelled Rafah.

•  September, 7th, one child shot wounded while she was at the classroom, in Khan Younis refugee camp.

•  Al-shija’yeh

•  September, 8 th , soldiers raided vast areas in the Gaza Strip, while military apaches and tanks shelled several residential areas, after isolating Palestinian areas in eth Gaza Strip.

•  September, 8th, soldier bulldozed and main streets completely isolating them.

•  September, 8th, 17 residents shot wounded, including 13 children, 4 critically, in the northern Gaza Strip.

Soldiers during the past week carried out five invasions in the Gaza Strip, and demolished four buildings inhibited by 16 residents, in addition to demolishing more than 32 Dunams of agricultural fields and destroying agricultural equipments.

The West Bank:

Soldiers killed one civilian from Al-Amary refugee camp in Ramallah after assassinating him a military operation carried out by the Special Forces in Jericho .

Soldier during the period covered by the report shot wounded several residents, including children, some critically, in addition to apprehending tens of residents.

In Deheishe refugee camp, in Bethlehem , soldiers demolished one home after raiding the camp.

Another home was leveled in Hebron after raiding the city and conducting a wide-scaled military operation in the city.

Meanwhile, settlers conducted several attacks against the Palestinians and their homes in Hebron , and several other Palestinian areas.

Separation Wall:

Army erected several concrete blocks in Al-Ram, north of Jerusalem , which threatens the future of the area and isolates Al-Ram from the rest of the Palestinian areas.

In Hebron , soldiers started constructing the Wall section in the west of the city, ignoring all international resolutions to halt the constructions.

Freedom of Movement

On September, 7, 2004, soldiers completely isolated the Gaza Strip and divided it into three isolated parts, in addition to intensifying the siege of the Gaza Strip, and partially closing the border crossings.

Army, on the other hand, continued imposing closure over Eretz Crossing, banning thousands of Palestinian workers from entering Israel either for work or treatment despite carrying the needed permits.

The Israeli government, decided to impose full closure over the Palestinian areas in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip starting on September 6, until the end of September after the Jewish feast of Yom Kipor, (the Day of Atonement).

Army sources said that siege period might be expanded upon what is described as “security needs”.