Dr. Jom’a Al-Saqqa, head of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, told the Palestinian TV in a phone call, that the number of residents killed in Gaza raid reached 14, and that there are several cases of critical wounds among the 40 residents wounded in the military raid.

The Palestinian Television said that the raid targeted tens of residents who gathered in a playground, east of Al-shija’yeh.

The TV added that Hamas atavists were among the targeted residents.

Tens of ambulances rushed to the scene of the shelling, in Al-Qarm area, east of Al-Shija’yeh, and evacuated tens of wounded residents and 14 bodies.

An Israeli Military source claimed that the shelled playground is used by Hamas as a training center.

AThe source added that army helicopter gunships and tanks fired at least five missiles, at a building described as “a known Hamas stronghold”, in Al-Shija’yeh neighborhood in Gaza.

10 killed, 39 wounded in IAF Strike in Gaza Strip

George Rishmawi-IMEMC & Agencies, September 7, 2004, 00:48

A Palestinian medical source said that at least 13 Palestinians were killed and over 39 wounded in an Israeli Air Strike at a residential area in Gaza Strip.

Palestinian security sources said the Israeli Apaches fired several missiles at Baghdad Street east of Al-Shija’yeh neighborhood in Gaza city.

Israeli army radio claimed that its air force targeted a community center that belongs to Hamas in which according to their claims used by Hamas militants for training.

Bodies of the Palestinians killed in the attack were brought to the hospital and are being identified.