Settlers bulldozed on Wednesday afternoon,  several orchards which belongs to residents of Kafer Qaddoum, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia.

A source at Qaddoum village council, reported that settlers bulldozed 30 Dunams planted with Olives, the bulldozed trees belong to Abdul-Salam Shahwan, and located near Qadumim settlement.

The source stated that settlers escalated recently their attacks against the residents and their properties, while the army failed to act against the settlers’ assaults.

Also, soldiers barred the residents closed the main street leading to the village only allowing the settlers to use it, which forced the residents to use a bypass unpaved scraggy road. 

On Tuesday evening, dozens of residents protested near the main entrance of the village against closing it barring 200 female students to walk through the fields in order to reach their homes.

Army allowed the students to enter the village at 22hous after extensive negotiations with the families.