The Israeli Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz reiterated his threats to expel the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat ‘in the right time’ and to attack Damascus as well.

Mofaz said, Israel will carry out attacks against what he called terrorism everywhere, including Damascus.

‘All the leaders of terrorism in the world should know that we will be able to reach them everywhere’ Mofaz said, and added, ‘We have no confirmed information of a direct between terrorist groups in Syria and Lebanon and the suicide bombers of Be’er Sheva.’

However, Mofaz hinted that ‘terrorism leaders’ in Damascus send money and instruction to ‘terrorists’ in he West Bank, and told the army radio that Israel will find the right time and way to expel Arafat.

Mofaz also said that the decision to expel Arafat taken by the emergency cabinet is still in effect although it is not executed yet and declared that Israel’s intention is to have another Palestinian leadership to take over to lead talks with Israel.

In his talk to the army radio, Mofaz spoke about the separation wall saying that it will be done by mid of 2005. According the the new routing, the Israeli Jewish settlement south of Hebron will remain outside the wall.

Talking about Philadelphi axis, south of Gaza Strip, Mofaz said, it probably will remain under the authority of the Israeli army after an Israeli pullout from the strip.

‘We wanted to have a full disengagement, however, I think, at the end, if we have to stay there, we will in order to prevent weapon smuggling to Gaza Strip’ said Mofaz.

Staying in Philadelphi axis is a violation of the Disengagement plan suggested by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, which promises a full gradual withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, unless it has been renewed lately