Saraya Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad in Palestine , said in Saturday, that it will not halt its operation against the settlements and military camps until the army evacuates from the occupied territories.

The Brigades said in a statements released on Saturday that managed to shell several military camps east of Khan Younis, in the Gaza Strip, Friday night, and added that it fired “Quds1” shells at military camps near the borders next to Abasan area, east of Khan Younis.

“This operation is part of our continuous attacks carried out against the occupation and in retaliation to the continuous military operations and invasions in eth Palestinian areas”, the statement added.

Moreover, the brigades said that every military camp and settlement will remain the target of its fighters until Israel withdraws from the occupied territories.

The statement of the Brigades came after one of its armed groups fired shells at “Nahal Oz” settlement, east of Gaza , earlier on Saturday.

According to the brigades, one of its groups fired the shells during early morning hours, Nahal Oz settlement east of Gaza , causing damages.

Army, on the other hand, stepped up its operations in the Gaza Strip and killed three Palestinians in two separate incidents in the Gaza Strip on Friday.

Moreover, soldiers critically shot wounded, a youth in Arabeyya area, north of Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip.

A medical source at Abu Yousef Al-Najjar Hospital , said that Nidal Hmeidan Zorob, 15 years old, was critically shot sounded after sustaining five bullets to his chest, during a military raid in “Arabeyya” area, in Rafah.

Also, on Saturday, a medical source at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza , said that Wisam Abu Zarqa, 19 years, from west Khan Younis refugee camp , died of wounds sustained last week after army shelled an area in west Khan Younis refugee camp.