Right wing activists and settlers are growingly abusing and harassing soldiers and policemen who took part in evacuating unauthorized settlers’ outposts.

The Israeli justice system refrained so far from dealing with the numerous incidents of harassment that has been registered in recent months.

Israeli News paper Haaretz published few examples of harassment security personell were subjected to.

In one case, a series of demonstrations outside the home of a Shin Bet operative in a West bank settlement, resulted in moving hem to another post overseas. His neighbors also criticized his work in the Shin Bet.

In another case, an army officer of the Shomron division received threats on his life. Then he was charged in a rabbinical court for taking part in the evacuation of an unauthorized outpost.

A paratroopers’ company commander, who lives in Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip, was beaten when he tried to block the way of a mobile home heading for a West Bank outpost.

A deputy commander of a Nahal regiment was beaten up by settlers holding an outpost because he made a comment to them.