Five kids were injured in clashes with the Israeli soldiers in the village of Surif northwest of Hebron on Wednesday afternoon.

Arafat Al-Hidmi, 14, was shot in the leg and the back, Ahmed Ghneimat, 16 and Mahmoud Hmeidat 13 were shot in the leg, while Omar Al-Qadi 13, was shot in the right arm. Their injuries were described between light and medium.

Palestine News Network reported that eyewitnesses said an Israeli soldier shot one kid and arrested him after beating him. The boy was taken to an unknown destination.

The kid was identified as 12-year-old Suleiman Hmeidat and he is still in the Israeli army’s custody.

A local source in the village reported that dozens of youth clashed with soldiers after the soldiers broke into Al-Omary mosque in the village, and occupied its rooftop.

Soldiers fired live ammunition, gas bombs, and concussion grenades.

Eyewitnesses said several Israeli military vehicles entered the village after a Jeep flipped in a valley close to the village. Troops tried to disperse the crowding residents near the scene which caused a clash to erupt between the kids and soldiers.

In a separate incident, Israeli soldiers invaded the town of Beit Kahil, west of Hebron and raided dozens of houses.

A local source in Beit Kahil reported that soldiers forced the families out of their homes and thoroughly searched the houses and surrounding fields.

No reason was given for the search and no casualties were reported.