For the second time in less that three weeks, settlers poisoned on Thursday, large areas of grazing land near Yasuf and Iskaka, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

The poisoning of the fields took place on Tuesday and Wednesday in the grains and pellets in grazing areas used by local shepherds

Head of the village council, Jamal Yousef, said that setters of Tapuah settlement spread poisoned grains and pellets in the grazing fields.


“We filed complaints to the Israeli police in Ariel settlement, but they accused us of dispersing the poison in order to frame the settlers”, Yousef said.

Yousef added that settlers increased their attacks lately against the residents and their properties in an attempt to drive them away from their lands.

“They will use whatever means necessary to reach their ultimate goal and drive us out”, Yousef added.

In Recent week, armed settlers of the same settlement seriously injured a villager who filed a complaint against them.

The man, went to file a complaint, but was asked by the police to provide them with names and description of the assailants.

A high-ranking Israeli army officer admitted that last week that he expected a marked escalation in settler attacks against Palestinians in several West Bank areas, especially in Hebron.