The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas unified the P.A security devices into three apparatuses in an attempt to control chaos and implement reforms in these devices.

P.A security devices will now be unified under the National Security Forces, which belongs to the Ministry of Interior and the General Intelligence Agency.

The Israeli Ynet news website  “The National security Forces will hold responsibility for police and civil defense tasks and interior security related issues, while the Interior Ministry will be responsible of the preventive security.

The P.A General Intelligence Agency will be tasked with handling intelligence matters. 

Interior Minister, General Nasr Yousef, will be responsible for all contacts between P.A security devices and foreign bodies.

Thursday afternoon, members of the Al-Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fatah, and the Popular Resistance Committees met with Nabil Shaath, P.A minister of Information.

Shaath asked the groups to disarm, so that the P.A can purchase them later on, and spoke to them about intentions of the P.A to integrate the resistance fighters into its devices.

The P.A revealed that so far 200 resistance fighters agreed to join its security devices and ‘expressed full commitment to the P.A policies’.

 Abu Abeer, leader of the Popular Resistance Committees said that his group rejects the calls to disarm and that it believes that as long as there is occupation, their weapons and resistance is legitimate.

“We told Shaath that as long as Israel continues its violations, we will respond”, Abu Abeer added.