A group of armed settlers attacked on Thursday evening dozens of residents on a bypass road east of Hebron, one resident was injured, several cars damaged.

A local source In Hebron reported that Imad Salaldah, resident of Sa’ir, north east of Hebron, sustained fragmentations in his head and body after a group of extremist settlers fired at him while he was driving his car on road Nr. 60, west of Sa’ir.

The source stated that settlers driving a blue Isuzu fired several rounds at Shalalda’s car; and that Shalda was injured of glass fragmentations after the bullets broke it. 

Resident Saber Abu Arqoub said that settlers also fired at two vehicles which belong to Abu Arqoub Contraction Company; the attacks took place near Al-Arqoub refugee camp and Yaqeen area, near Bani Neim.  Also, settlers attacked a resident from Al-Arroub refugee camp, hurled stones and iron bars as he was driving his car near Al-Baraka hospital, adjacent to the camp.

Several attacks wee reported on Thursday on settlement road Nr. 60, starting from Hajai settlement, south of Hebron, until Gush Aztion settlement Bloc, north of Hebron.