Sharon is either planning to set his cabinet opponents through an early test, or prefers that another likey defeat happens prior to U.S. elections, not after.

Israeli Government Source said Wednesday that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon plans to bring the first decision on evacuating settlements to the cabinet this October.

On June 6, the cabinet approved the disengagement plan, but conditioned the specific plans of each stage evacuation with another cabinet vote.

Against expectations, and knowing that proposing the approval of settlement evacuation will spark a cabinet crisis, Sharon seems to plan to face the crisis earlier than later.

The sources added that early cabinet vote does not mean early evacuation.

After admitting that chances to bring labor into the coalition are near to zero, Sharon is left with many ministers who are interested in keeping their seats, but are unwilling to see the disengagement plan implemented.

With the exception of Shinui and few Sharon loyalist Likud ministers, all others have openly stated that they enjoy better chances to foil disengagement from inside the cabinet.

Encouraged by having the majority of Likud ministers and MKs voting in his favor in the latest Likud central committee meeting, in which his proposal to bring labor in was dismissed, Sharon could be planning to earlier set his wavering cabinet ministers through a practical test.

Sharon is likely hoping that few will end wavering and are forced to vote to his favor or take the full responsibility for the expected collapse of the cabinet.

Sharon is likely attempting to avoid another defeat happening after the U.S. presidential elections, and rather face it while the U.S. administration is still under the election pressure.