A local source in Khan Younis said that several tanks and military bulldozers invaded Al-Qarara, north east of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip and uprooted vast agricultural areas, on Wednesday morning.

The source added that a number of tanks raided Abu Mgheisib area, in Al-Qarara, near kissufim settlement road since early morning hours and bulldozed and leveled several fields and barracks in the area, causing huge damages and losses.

Arabs48 news website said that soldiers also leveled homes which have been demolished in previous invasions.

In the village of Khazza’a , east of Khan Younis, at least five residents were shot wounded after army raided the area and clashed with tens of youths who hurled stoned and empty bottles at the soldiers.

Army claimed that the five residents were shot wounded while attempting to plant an explosive on a border road near the village.

Army, on the other hand, fired several rounded at the homes in Khazza’a, causing different damages.

According to a military spokesman, two of the four apparently carried a Qassam shell, when soldiers noticed them and fired at them.

A Palestinian security source said that soldier centered near the city fired at tens of homes causing several damages.