The Israeli Military Police arrested lately three soldiers suspected of killing a Palestinian in Rafah, and covering the incidents of the event and forge evidences. A senior army official described the case as “extremely dangerous case”, after uncovering critical evidences indicating a “cold blooded murder”.

The event took place in October, 2003 during a military operation carried out in Rafah; army claimed that the operation aims to uncover tunnels used to smuggle weapons and combat equipment, into the Gaza Strip from Egypt.

Two soldiers, during the operation, claimed killing an armed Palestinian, but shortly after killing him, it was revealed the he was unarmed, and that he was a normal civilian not affiliated with the resistance.

The two soldiers were apprehended last week after the military police conducted an investigation in the incident; the military court extended their interrogation period until Sunday.

In light of the investigation, a third soldier was arrested; the soldier was in a high command in the operation, after interrogating him it was revealed that he aided the two soldiers by trying to hide evidences and forge facts after he discovered that the killed Palestinian is a civilian.

The lawyer defending the soldiers said that other divisions in the army should have conducted an investigation in the incident since it received reports about it, therefore an investigation should have been carried out in order to uncover the reasons behind not conducting an investigation in the incident.

The lawyer claimed that the third soldiers “does not remember the details of the event, and that the case here is concerning “a hostile operation planned against the soldiers, such events happen in the Southern Division Unit”, the lawyer added.

Meanwhile, a senior military source said that the investigation should be fully carried out in order to reach the bottom of the case, and after carrying the investigation, the result should be revealed.

“This is a dangerous case, and could have several sides and divisions”, the source added.

The court issued an order to keep the details and names of the soldiers involved uncovered including their military unit; military judge said that there are evidences which indicates that the third soldiers is involved in this issue and that he wrote a false report, and obstructed the investigation.

The lawyer defending the three soldiers said that he intends to appeal against detaining them for further interrogation.