Israeli soldiers conducted extensive searches in the village of Doura, near Hebron, and several surrounding villages after closing the area.

A local source in Doura reported that soldiers, and under-covered army units, broke into several homes and searched them; most of the searches were carried out east of the village.

Also, soldiers occupied rooftops of dozens of homes in Sinjer area, after erecting military checkpoints in the areas and conducted military searches.

Dozens of vehicles, and residents were held and interrogated for several hours, no arrests.

In Al-Shurfa area, soldiers broke into dozens of homes and conducted military searches, damage reported.

Nasser Abu Zeid, a resident Al-Shurfa area, said that soldiers surrounded his home overnight, and hurled stones at the windows and doors before breaking into it.

Abu Zeid added that soldiers forced him and his 11 family members, including two children under the age of 5, out of their home and searched it.

Abu Zeid and his family remained out of their home until 5am, when the army evacuated from, the area leaving most of the furniture damaged, especially closets and furniture.


Also, soldiers broke into the homes of Hussein Al-Sharawna, and Nasser Abu Zeid in the same area, and used the homes as monitoring towers.

The villages of Beit Awwa, Ithna, Al-Borj and Kharsa remained surrounded, after the army closed the villages several days ago, barring the residents from entering or leaving them.